05 EPP Primer


Usable for:

This newly developed primer can be used for polypropylene and all the families of materials associated with it. Before use, we recommend cleaning the material with our polygrip cleaner, only after complete drying and dusting you can apply the product. This product will become the basis of your finishes as it will significantly improve all the adhesion performance.

Recommended on:

Polypropylene and all the families of materials associated with it.


1. The primer can be used both in air-brush (airbrush) and silk-screen printing, in the case of silk-screen printing always use a 120-wire frame while in air-brush a 1/1.5 mm nozzle is recommended.
2. Before use make a dilution with the special thinners contained in the kit.

Security pictograms:

All cleaning products are chemical compounds and must therefore be used in a conscious manner. On our website there is a page completely dedicated to the safety pictograms and their meaning, we suggest to take a look at them avoiding useless and harmful contacts.