Mig 50

MIG50 is a flat machine for digital decoration able to decorate all surfaces up to a thickness of 85 mm. The size of the surface is 1200×1200 mm.

Printer for industrial decorations of wood, glass, steel, leather and plastic materials.

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The brand new MIG50 flatbed Muchcolours is a basic model with high potential, which allows small companies and industrial prototyping centers to access the world of high quality flatbed printing. This machine in fact guarantees the same quality prints as the Mig100 model, at a price designed for work environments with low print volumes. The new interesting price positioning makes this system accessible, while maintaining the quality and versatility typical of the Industrial systems of the Muchcolours family.

list of MIG50 accessories
  • Multi-print
  • Double Air Dry
  • Temperature Control System

Additional information

Printer Dimensions

130×130 cm

Printing Area

122×122 cm

Maximum standard thickness

8,5 cm


CMYK + 1 special color: white


4 steps 1200×600 dpi 22 sqm/h