Elegance, intimacy, poetry and subversion


Red originally means "the colour of blood", in fact this colour recalls passion, ardour, impetus and liveliness. Always associated with fire, a primordial force that transforms and purifies, Red can be defined Sensual, Timeless and Gritty.

The Leather Collection

The Leather Collection is the brand new edition aimed at all fashion professionals, to show the best leathers and the most advanced leather decoration technology in the world.  

We wanted to dedicate an entire volume to this colour scheme and its infinite out-of-range combinations, with eyes always attentive to the trends of the moment that see it as one of the protagonist colours of 2020.

Red Spot

Thanks to our exclusive RED SPOT ink each patch will correspond to a precise shade of coded and out-of-range red, specially designed by our staff to create unique and exclusive colors. 

There's definitely red for everyone. (Christian Dior)